<VV> Please!!! some Peace ---No Corvair

Hank Kaczmarek kaczmarek@charter.net
Mon, 31 May 2004 11:54:51 -0400


Having been the initiator of both a big Memorial Day and Veterans Day flap on
our list in the past, and watching it now and not being a part of it....

Let's remember the reason for the holiday. Respect and Remembrance for all of
the Nation's Veterans, especially those who have died in actions defending our
country and its interests abroad.

Hard to hear this coming from me but it is Sincere---Today isn't the day to
make political statements........

I, and many former veterans, not only in the USA but in all countries where we
have members (and veterans) are probably remembring our former friends and
comrades in arms, who are with us no more.....And hoping we act in a way that
makes us worthy of them, and of worthy of having been spared.

Today, and next weekend on the Beaches in Normandy, we remember the Liberators
of Europe, and all
 those gentle heroes we have left behind in the 60 years since, as well as in
all the wars previous.