<VV> Nicks in front and rear winsshields

Silveyyevlis at aol.com Silveyyevlis at aol.com
Tue Mar 1 00:15:42 EST 2005

I have nicked many windshields over the years and have lost a few as a  
result.  However, I found a way to save many of them. My wife had many  antique 
canning jars that she wanted to use that had several nicks in the top  sealing 
edge. I used sand paper on the top sealing surfaace by turning  the jar on a 
flat steel plate covered with a sheet of sand paper.  This was  a slow process. 
Then  I remembered that silicon carbide cuts glass  easily.so I bought some 
silicon carbide sand paper which worked great.. The  next time I nicked a 
windshield out came the silicone carbide paper for  smoothing out the nicks and I 
have not lost a windshield since then. Just be  sure to remove all of the sharp 
edges of the nick.
Tom Silvey

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