<VV>Was Windshield Removal 65 Corsa- Now: Alternate to clips

Ed Dowds ed_dowds at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 1 15:42:45 EST 2005

I thought I would post this as it is a partial reply to the question of 
using something rather than clips to hold the moulding.
I'm using some plastic clips that replace the metal clips that were stock. 
The plastic clips were used on Vegas. The advantage of the plastic clips is 
that they are much less likely to remove the paint from the little studs and 
will not rust. I disassembled a '79 Monza (uses similar plastic clips) in 
1995 and it still had paint on the studs.
I paid less than $10 for 100 of the plastic clips from a paint/body supply 

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