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Keith Hammett khammett at stainlessfab.com
Wed Mar 2 08:19:47 EST 2005

Cotton Batting is available in rolls from any upholstery supply house.  You
might be able to get enough from a local upholstery shop (at a higher
price).  Look in the phone book, might have to go to a larger city.

Keith (son of an upholster) Hammett
Willard, Mo.

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I'm installing new upholstery in my '64 coupe. In the back section of the
rear seat, the cotton padding under the upholstery has netting sewn into it
to allow the padding to be hog ringed to the seat frame to hold the padding
in place. I wanted to replace that cotton padding, but the vendors don't
carry the padding made for that area with the netting sewn into it.

Has anyone replaced that cotton padding in the back section of the rear seat
of their early coupe? If so, what was used, and where could it be obtained?
The original is made so that the padding is shaped correctly and fits the
seat frame correctly. Any ideas??

Also, the cotton padding on the bottom section of the rear seat is just
placed on burlap over the frame. That's easy enough to replace, but has
anyone replaced the cotton with foam? Would the foam break down over time so
that the cotton would be a better choice?

Where can cotton padding be obtained that is long enough and wide enough to
fit the rear seat? The stuff the vendors sell isn't big enough without
piecing it together.   Thanks for any help.

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