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flat6vair at insightbb.com flat6vair at insightbb.com
Wed Mar 2 14:08:25 EST 2005

Nice list.....Printing it out to use locally....those items aren't part of the 
CORSA tent display. 

I would add membership apps for CORSA and any local chapters,  Plus I did a 
display baord <the 3 sided display for science exhibits> with the CORSA logo, 
the loga club emblems <PCCA, SMCC and CCE> with at least one picture of every 
Corvair model, plus some from the Corvair Museum.  Pictures attract attention.
the CORSA logo came from CORSA merchandise -- a sticker.

tim mahler
PCCA, editor

> 	I NEED SUGGESTIONS for other things for the handout.

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