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Wed Mar 2 14:49:32 EST 2005

chevyd51 at yahoo.com writes:

> I've been thinking about getting something new...something cooler than my 
> Taurus wagon,
> but it's gotta get better than 20 miles to the gallon, otherwise I'm gonna 
> end up going with something newer.
AH!  youth!      gggg

Is the Taurus paid for?     Keep it ..nothing can be cheaper! [ do the 
math!!]   Gas mileage is a very SMALL part of the equation!   
You have a 65 Vair...what's cooler?   Get it on the road......the last thing 
we need is a Director with no car at meets....LOL!!!

Fuel mileage.....

to go 5,000 miles at 15mpg  takes 333 gallons of fuel at $2.25 equals $750.00

to go 5,000 miles at  25mpg  takes 200 gallons at $2.25  equals $500.00

A difference of    $250.00

The vehicle that gets 25mpg  will probably be NEWER , Cost more to buy,  
Insurance will be more,  Parts will be more, and in states like Calif. License 
will be way more!  These will most likely add up to more than the $250.00 you 
save on gas!  If gas is cheaper in your area....15 mpg looks even better!

Case in point:

My son needed a truck to TOW a 6800lb toybox trailer.

New Diesel 3/4 ton that gets 14-24 mpg    $40,000

Used Diesel / Gas  with Overdrive Transmission to help mileage    $6

1977 Ford F250  with  460 / C6 2WD  that gets 10 mpg  unloaded [ 1000 miles 
on I-5]  and  is more than capable of towing 300 miles round trip 12 times a 
year $1500! or less!    Gas can go to $5.00  a gal.  and he's still gertting out 

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