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Ken Wildman k-wildman at onu.edu
Wed Mar 2 17:56:27 EST 2005

At 01:02 PM 3/2/2005, Charles B. Peck wrote:

>Group -
>I am showing my 2 Corvairs at a local Father's Day car show. I am
>interested in developing a "CORSA Kiosk Lite" to promote collecting
>Corvairs as a part of my exhibition.
>In addition to my 2 Corvairs, I have the following:
>         a couple years of "CORSA Communique",
>         Clark's Corvair Catalog,
>         Corvair Underground Catalog,
>         Corvair Basics,
>         How to Hotrod Corvair Engines
>         1966 "Body by Fisher" Service Manual,
>         The Classic Corvair,
>         How to Keep Your Corvair Alive, and
>         1965 Corvair Chassis Shop Manual.
>And hopefully, before then I will have:
>         The Corvair Decade.
>Additionally, I would like to work up a one page handout (maybe double
>sided) to give to interested people:
>         10 Reasons to collect Corvair (where do I find this?),
>         CORSA web site,
>         Virtual Vairs web site,
>         List of major vendors with web sites, and
>         I NEED SUGGESTIONS for other things for the handout.
>I will probably put up my portable "gazebo" as a sun screen and could
>probably put up a Corsa sign - any idea on getting one besides buying a
>box of crayons?
>If you have any suggestions for this, I would appreciate them. Also, I
>will try to summarize the ideas, and work on finding someplace to put
>it. IF this has already been done, please point me to it.
>Chuck Peck


You might use the tri-fold poster boards they make for science fair 
projects.  A large store selling crafts items, or stationery, of office 
supplies should have some.  Just glue or tape some large-type sheets to 
them.  You can fold it up after use.  I would guess that each single panel 
would be about 3ft high by about 2ft wide.

You could have a series of 8x10 pictures of the various Corvair models - 
Earlies, lates, FCs etc.

Good luck,

P.S. Don't forget to include an Ultra Van.     <GGGGG>

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