<VV> late model engine lid latch

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Fri Mar 4 14:05:59 EST 2005

At 04:21 hours 03/04/2005, Harry Yarnell wrote:
>I have discovered in my stash, five engine lid latch assy's that I had
>replated years ago. I want to say they are cad plated, but the finish is
>yellow/gold in color, so maybe they were anodized.

Must be cad...  anodizing doesn't work on ferrous metals.

>At any rate, they're nice
>looking, but l'll never use them. Any interest at $8/ea. including ship?

This *is* the latch which holds the deck lid shut, and not the latch that 
holds it open...?     If so I'd take one...  do you do Paypal or do I send 
a check?


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