<VV> Re: 100% Corsa Membership

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Fri Mar 4 14:27:00 EST 2005

At 11:21 hours 03/03/2005, vairologist at juno.com wrote:
>Smitty says:  I guess this comes under the heading of tough love.

Driving a Corvair on a daily basis sometimes *is* tough love.

>   This is harsh but I have been on both
>sides of the fence and I know how it feels to not be able to afford what
>you want.

I can't afford lots of things I want...

...then again I can usually afford what I *need*.

>I would rather be in a club where everyone is confortable with
>their hobby than be in one that has a couple of people putting used brake
>shoes on their car

Aren't all brake shoes on a car used, soon as you come to the first 
intersection?  ;)

...uh...  I  *have* put good used brake shoes on a project Vair to get it 
roadworthy...   and I've also gathered a few sets of good shape used brake 
shoes for earlies to keep on hand just in case...  late shoes are still 
fairly plentiful and cheap but earlies are starting to get a bit scarce 
down at the corner FLAPS.

Now:   If there's something wrong with the brakes they get fixed.   Brake 
work is not only cheaper, it's also easier than doing bodywork.

>and running around with the seat stuffing hanging out

(uh oh)

>because they can't afford better.

(whew)  ...I do it because it's the beater daily driver and because I 
can... not because I can't afford to fix the seat... ;)    Got another 
seat, decent, stashed away but what's there serves for now.   Besides, LAST 
time I attempted cosmetic improvements on the daily driver the damned thing 
swallowed a valve seat.   I can only imagine what it would puke up if I 
dared to reupholster.

Don't mess with success.

>Guess what guys, this ain't a fair

Nope... all those latemodel-only owners know it, too...

But I will still appreciate the tech and style of the lates...  especially 
as I'm now kinda knocking ideas around about a 95hp replacement engine for 
the Lakewood.  Not that the 80hp in the car is bad...  it's a low-miles 
original Lakewood engine in nice shape but I'm considering putting this 
Lakewood to some workhorse use and the torque of the 95 hp late model 
engine would come in handy for what I have in mind.     And, I don't have 
any 95's left.    I need to start scouting around come warm weather...

Smitty, that brown thing's got a 95, don't it?    Tows OK?


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