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Louis C. Armer, Jr. carmerjr at mindspring.com
Fri Mar 4 12:12:23 EST 2005

A few years ago we began this new era of communication that allowed CORSA
members the ability to gather and communicate about our Corvairs and other 
of our lives. During this time many many topics have been discussed, some 
solved and many personal diatribes brought forth and vented on the list.

Very often some of the most controversial posts and threads have been a single
individual's feeling that he/she was wronged or ignored by "CORSA" or a 
director of
"CORSA". When this type of thread is presented it is most often argued as a 
"me against
the world" thread and "CORSA" is that bad bad entity that never does 
anything right and
is always trying to control everything in our lives and is always making 
bad decisions that
result in wasting money and losing members.

Everyone who belongs to CORSA is CORSA and as such should support the club 
in as positive
a manner as possible. I never have understood the concept that you should 
join an organization
so you can then complain and constantly question every decision made 
because "they" are
not doing it right and "they" have an agenda.

We have a wonderful international society that's purpose is to 
bring  pleasure to it's individual
members who appreciate, preserve, collect, and drive Corvairs. Since 1971 
CORSA has been
the cornerstone that has allowed us to gather and enjoy the camraderie and 
synergy that any
convention produces.

You and I are CORSA. We should enjoy our membership and remember that those 
who serve
us in elected or appointed offices are US not "them"

Chuck Armer

CORSA Tri-Membership Chairman
Corvair Atlanta, BOD
Corvanatics member
1965 Corsa Coupe
1964 Greenbrier
1966 Monza Convertible 

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