<VV> Aldor spark plug insult?

Patten Del R Civ AFRL Det 8/PKMA del.patten at kirtland.af.mil
Fri Mar 4 13:14:35 EST 2005

"ALDOR HIGH-VOLTAGE SPARK PLUG SETS - Engineered for motors using excessive

After seeing this email, I was reminded about the plugs one of our guys
pointed out...don't know if he bought any but here's the text...

  "UltraSonic(TM) Spark Plugs (and it has a US patent number)
   Ultrasonic tip actually breaks-up fuel mist for better combustion"

    "You will be thrilled with the Instant Sonic Power Response in your Car,
Truck, RV or Motorcycle."

     "Smart Plugs(TM)
         Focused Spark"

  A Web page address...www.EngineBrain.com
  1-800-243-6674 or Sonic Spark LLC in Lakewood CO at 303-936-2085
  I haven't checked it out but it might good for a tech article or at least
a new thread!!

  Del Patten...CNM

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