<VV> Towing with 95s

vairologist at juno.com vairologist at juno.com
Fri Mar 4 21:06:36 EST 2005

> From: Tony Underwood <tonyu at roava.net>
> as I'm now kinda knocking ideas around about a 95hp replacement 
> engine for the Lakewood.  Not that the 80hp in the car is bad...  it's
> low-miles original Lakewood engine in nice shape but I'm considering
> this Lakewood to some workhorse use and the torque of the 95 hp late 
> model engine would come in handy for what I have in mind.     And, I
> have any 95's left
Smitty says :  Yes towing with 95s is good MoJo.  I am switching to 110
this time for a couple of reasons.  The frontal area of the new camper is
 worse than a barn door and I can use the power.  Development of heat
disposal has reached the point I feel I can deal with the 110.  Also I am
using a Safeguard now which will help me deal with the occasional pinging
problem.  And I had a pair of good 110 heads on the shelf and no 95s.  I
know I said at one time I wouldn't trade a 95 for all the 110s in the
country.  But we evolve.

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