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> I
> know I said at one time I wouldn't trade a 95 for all the 110s in the
> country.  But we evolve.

Gosh, I sure hope so (ggg), because the 110 is so superior to the 95 that 
there was hardly any reason for the 95, except as a low cost leader for 
Chevrolet. Sure the 110 takes premium gas, but it also delivers premium performance 

Just look at the two torque curves: Only under 1600 rpm ( about 32 mph in 
high gear) does the 95 have more torque than the 110, and then it's only about 4 
lb-ft at 1200 rpm (an idle speed for a race car). Who drives under 32 mph 
anyhow except thru a school zone?

Above 1600 rpm, the 110 really takes off and peaks at 2800 rpm (now we're 
talking a decent driving speed!) at about 3 lb-ft higher than the old 95.  After 
that it's all down hill. The 95 runs out of breath while the 110 is strong to 
4800 revs. This data comes courtesy of Chevrolet, BTW.
Bob Helt

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