<VV> when is enough, enough?

Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 21:35:26 EST 2005

I think we should also look LESS at whether 100% Corsa
membership will chase away members and MORE at whether
beating the bejesus out of the topic with identical
viewpoints will chase people out of THIS group!

I've been a VIrtual Vairs member for three days.  Read
it again. Three. It took a lot of my time to go
through the more than a dozen emails I've gotten, and
frankly, I'm not sure I want to keep this up. I'm
thinking of buying a parrot instead. Or, I can go
listen to my two old lady neighbors (apologies to
those of you who actually ARE old ladies) and at least
hear fresh material.

Does anyone have anything DIFFERENT to say?

Note to those covering '68-9 dash pads.  Look at the
bottom front edge before you remove it to get an idea
of what will show when you put it back. This avoids
cutting up something you can see later. Fill the big
holes and cracks before covering because they WILL
WILL WILL  show through later, usually when the car is
sitting in a nice sunny spot being judged.  Work from
the center, pulling the material toward the front.  At
the corners, razoring off any backing material is 
necessary to work it. Using those extra hands you
enlisted to help hold, heat, adjust, pull and stick,
start at the 45-degree point and stick it down. 

Marital tip: if you are using your wife's hair dryer
for heat, don't ask her to help  hold the pad while
you work.

Watch the top front edge for shape as you determine
how tight to pull the material, working back toward
the straight sections. As you go, you'll see why you
eyeballed the bottom edge because you'll make radial
slits tand trim the excess to keep the material from
bunching up. Remember to leave enough to glue it down
without pulling loose. This works for both inside and
outside curves.

I pulled my old cover off and used the old foam, but
it was in great shape. If your foam is disintegrating,
look into getting new or leave the old cover on and
fill the voids.  Having a finished shape is one
advantage to leaving it on.

Chuck Kubin

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