<VV> Speaking of re-threading the needle...

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The Vert has around 80,000 since '95 - when I "finished" it and put it on 
the road.  In that time - points twice and breaker plate once since then and 
AFAIK no present need.  My mileage... yours and others may vary.

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Later, JR
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> Stevie G,
> I've got both going on right now with 2 of my 'vairs... the 59K mile Green 
> 64
> 700 sedan is bone stock still with points, runs like a cat with a tail 
> full
> of turpentine... I figure its working fine right now, so I won't change it
> over... I guess the first time it DOES give me problems I might stick 
> another set
> of points in it, or I could use that spare Pertronix I've had for a few
> years... I've had the car for almost a year and a half, put 10K miles on 
> it, and it
> runs great.

> Later,
> Lonzo
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