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Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 15:08:58 EST 2005

Hi guys,

I'll weigh in on the issue of vendors on the board. 
The whole issue revolves around someone using their
position for personal gain.  This is obvious in my
example, the recently-settled case where a Pentagon
colonel in procurement used her influence to steer
major contracts to Boeing in exchange for jobs for
herself after retirement and a handful of her
relatives.  She's in prison.
Unless someone was using their position to steer
customers to their business over another, there isn't
a conflict.  I don't see a way for that to actually
happen. We're a car club run by volunteers with no
large power over no large resources. We don't appoint
the board; we elect the members, and from that
position a vendor has no extra influence over the
Mention of the elected position in any vendor's ads
would have only one effect on me: I'd wonder why they
spent money bringing up something that isn't likely to
affect where I buy my parts. Denver's mayor was on the
leading edge of the brewpub craze and his place is
sucessful, but I don't eat or drink there because he's
now the mayor.
I see no way for a vendor to use a seat on the CORSA
board to his advantage other than by making the whole
organization stronger. A strong CORSA is just as good
for the guy selling off a spare door handle as it is
for a major supplier. If Ron or any other vendor
wanted to run, let them.  If he has the time and
energy to fulfill the position, way cool.
I really would like to hear why it "isn't a good
idea,"  and appearance of conflict isn't enough for
me.  Perception only goes so far: you can call a
chicken a duck all you want , but it still is a



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