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> Smitty says:  I'll bet you didn't pay attention in school either.  The
> subject was the desirablity of taking the axel out before working on it,
> or leaving it in the car while working on it.  I was claiming that it is
> better to work on it in the car.  Now you just proved my point. I'm not
> always right but I'm always ME, which is even better. 
How can YOU  be ME???  ggggggg

The last set of instructions were for  clarification of using a spring 

I went thru ALL  the steps / safety /  for someone who may not remember what 
were talking about!  Notice the Warning In CAPS  is not numbered??  ggg

This was AFTER you said:

Smitty Says:  OK I'll bite Matt.  Show me how you compress the spring,
remove the shock, and then extend and release the spring with an impact

I answered:

> 1  remove shock 1st! and  swaybar if present.
> 2   back off LBJ  nut
> 3   Using picklefork  separate LBJ
> 4  Add  spring compressors [one on each side for those "safety 
> minded" FOLKS]
> 5  using IMPACT  wrench  compress spring
> 6  remove LBJ nut completely
> 7  stand back while the spring falls out...

So...we're both RIGHT!!! GGGG

I'd just rather work on the whole unit on a bench...than on the floor.....too 
hard to get up! ggg

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