<VV> Window vent gasket replacement

Bill Hubbell whubbell at cox.net
Tue Mar 8 16:47:19 EST 2005

Here we go again.  I did write an article years ago on how to do this for an 
Early model coupe/sedan.  The procedure for a Late Model is similar. 
Although I submitted it to the Communiqué, to the best of my knowledge it 
has never been published.  If you are a member of CORSA, a copy is yours for 
the asking.

Bill Hubbell
Eastern Director
CORSA Secretary

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From: "Kenneth Mangold" <kmangold at bellsouth.net>
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Subject: <VV> Window vent gasket replacement

I am new to VV and could use a little advise.  I would like to replace the 
gaskets on the front door window vent on my '65 Monza convertible.  Could 
someone explain how.  I was hoping for instructions that came with the 
gaskets, but no such luck.  My chassis manual, and other books that I have 
don't mention replacement.

I tried to go to the archieves, thinking that articles would have been 
written, but was not able to open the webpage.

Ken Mangold

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