'67 superiority, was: <VV> Towing with 95s

airvair airvair at richnet.net
Tue Mar 8 20:51:34 EST 2005

My experience has been that among factory-engine cars, '67 cars seem to 
have the best engines. All of them that I've ever had would outperform 
any other year's similar cars. They just seem to run stronger and 
better. And that was true of both 95's AND 110's. Even my 110, auto, & 
a/c convert would outperform any of the '66 110 auto NON-air coupes I've 
ever had.

'67's RULE!  :o)

-Mark C

Tony Underwood wrote:

> That 95 hp engine in the '67 coupe will *still* pull the hill harder 
> than either the 110s or the 140s in the fleet.
> tony..

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