obsolete dollar bills, was: <VV> IT'S OFFICIAL - CORSA POLITICS WARNING!

airvair airvair at richnet.net
Tue Mar 8 23:52:42 EST 2005

Screw "Fair And Balanced!" Whatever happened to the journalistic 
standard of honest and truthful? The only reason I mentioned the current 
"powers that be" is BECAUSE they ARE the current "powers that be." I 
would have said the same thing about the Democrats were they been the 
ones in power. What I find doubly damning, though, is that the current 
"powers that be" are being hyprocritical of their avowed "Scrooge" 
monetary policy.

The truth is that dropping the one dollar bill is (as a coin collector 
friend says) political suicide for whomever (REGARDLESS OF PARTY) 
proposes it. That's because of the warped (IMHO) view of the situation.

Why do people underuse the two dollar bill? Why do so many people throw 
down only paper money when making a transaction, then are bewildered as 
to what to do with the change? Why don't people consolidate their change 
with every transaction? All these questions and more are retorical, but 
they illustrate the point as to why so many people are hung up on their 
ineffecient and backwards money-handling practices. And all of which 
negatively impacts the government's bottom line, as I pointed out on how 
wasteful printing all those one dollar bills really is.

And BTW, notice that I, for the second time, have added VVtalk to the CC 
list. Now delete the VV address, if you want to discuss it any further.


henry kaczmarek wrote:

> Mark
> Your post was on point, then you just couldn't help yourself.
> Lets keep the thing "Fair And Balanced"
> you wrote
>> If the conservatives controlling the US government were REALLY 
>> interested in saving us money, they'd pull the plug on dollar bill 
>> printing.
> The 2 dollar bill has been around for many years of US history. It was 
> discontinued in the 1960's,  during the mid-point of 60 years of 
> Democratic Party control of the US government. It was revived in the 
> mid 90's during the current run of Republican control of the Congress 
> and (for the period 2000-2008) the White House.
> I guess in 60 years the Democrats didn't care enough about saving YOU 
> money by replacing the 1 with the 2, they discontinued the 2 instead.....
> Regards

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