<VV> Patch panels needed

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Wed Mar 9 12:10:32 EST 2005

At 01:26 hours 03/09/2005, Donald Manen wrote:
>I'm trying to do a "plastic free" restoration on a
>Lakewood--  Need two lower front fender patch panels
>(R & L)  Clark's part nr  C1513 and C1514 page 187 of
>cat--(not in stock at this time).  Anyone have a parts
>car or salvaged fender parts available.  Please
>contact me directly.

Such patches ended up getting hammered out of sheet metal last time I did 
it, replacement parts not often being available and certainly not cheap 
when they do show up in stock.

My hammers and dollys are well broken-in.   Need a new hammering stump 
though.    Don't be afraid off hammering out your own patches, it's not 
that difficult once you get accustomed to hammering and forming sheet 
metal... and it's well worth learning the tricks if you intend to do 
another car sooner or later.


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