<VV> RE: How to make bucket seats firmer? Also upholstery

Keith Hammett khammett at stainlessfab.com
Thu Mar 10 08:41:02 EST 2005


See response in your text...

Keith (upholsters son) Hammett

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Thanks to those who got back to me with suggestions for firming
up the springs on the bucket seats when reupholstering seats. The
spring wire across the original springs sounds good, it was a
thought I had of doing.

response----tying springs together has been done for centuries.  Look in any
antique chair the coil springs are tied together using an eight way tie....
I suggest you tie them together in several places using the spring wire and
5 prong clips.  Try it in two places (divide the seat springs into thirds)
place cotton/foam and some material over (don't tie anything down) and have
a seat.  Repeat until you like.


As for my original question about finding a replacement for the
EM rear seat back cushion cotton batting. The original batting is
covered with a netting that is hog ringed to the seat frame. A
replacement is apparently not available.

response---- spray glue cotton onto burlap, then hog tie in place

I emailed an upholstery shop, and they said to keep the original
batting and touch up any bad spots in the cotton with some new
cotton batting to get the original shape back. It looks like that
is what I'll be doing.

response---- good solution as long as no mice piss on the cotton, if so then
you will have an odor problem

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