<VV> corvair seat question and location of first corvair

robert harvey roharvey at nmsu.edu
Thu Mar 10 21:49:55 EST 2005

  I would like people who have seats from other automobiles (not the 
original seats) in their corvairs to contact me with the type of seats you 
used (please do not respond on V V) . I would like to know what is being 
used and the difficultly installing. When I have a list I will respond to V V.
  I also would like to mention in the April issue of Hemmings Classic Car 
(page 62) they talk about the original Fastback version of the Corvette 
,The Corvair. The interesting part of the article is at the end where they 
mention that it may still exist and was rumored to recently "changed 
hands"! OK which of you guys have it???
Bob H 
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