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Those  are ALL places on the East coast.

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>  Ed
> You're Kidding, right??
> After All, Buffalo and  Detroit are Further West than
> Lake Placid, NY
>  Carlisle, PA
> Daytona Beach, FL
> Williamsburg, VA
>  Syracuse, NY
> All sites of Previous Eastern  Conventions.
> In addition Detroit is further west than
> Atlanta,  GA
> Asheville, NC
> These are only the sites of  Eastern Conventions that I am familiar with.
> Looks to me like  both upcoming sites are more than a little West??
> How about an  Eastern Convention on Montauk, Long Island?? Folks there call 
> New  York City "Out West" <G>
> Regards

And all are still EST, Central events should be CST or MST at least.

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