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Perhaps you haven' been back east lately.

Buffalo is 420 miles from New York City, which IS the east coast.  But in a 
straight line, it is 325 miles from the Hudson River, and continuing as the 
crow files, perhaps another 60 or so to the Atlantic Ocean.

Would you like to hang by your toes while I drive nearly 400 miles??  You 
can see Lake Erie from Buffalo, but 400 miles is a long ways to be able to 
smell an  ocean breeze!!

As for the others, of Course Daytona is on the Ocean, Williamsburg is about 
2.5 hours from the ocean, Syracuse is about 300 miles from the ocean, Lake 
Placid about 200?.

When I sell my mom's house in Buffalo, can I put in the listing "on the East 
Coast"?  Sure, if I want to get laughed out of town!!

Now  living 5 hours from the Atlantic Ocean --the East Coast--In the 
foothills of Western NC.
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> Those are ALL places on the East coast.
> RonH

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