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Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 12 12:36:37 EST 2005

Drove my complete rebuild home on the highway for thirty miles on a 
cool (55 degree) night.   No idiot light, no unusual noise, no smoke, 
but the water temperature gauge that we installed to monitor the oil 
from the lower block pegged at 270 about 25 miles into the trip.  
Stupid (me) should have pulled over and allowed it to cool.  Instead, 
because of no unusual noise and not even a faint glimmer of said idiot 
light, said idiot continued on his not so merry way.  To make a long 
painful story short: ate #3 rod bearing which proceeded to send shards 
to destroy the rest of the bearings (rod and mains).  Will now replace 
crank, #3 rod (and check the rest for shape), all bearings, oil cooler, 
and re-hone #3 and possibly all of the cylinders (down five months and 
counting).  : (  !

Stephen Upham
Corvairium  II

Stupid is a Stupid does!
  Overheating = light comes on.....never a problem...as the switch 
triggers at
a lower temp with age..

Overheating=  engine pinging / oil burnoff causing smoke.......still 
not too

Overheating=  melted plug wires / engine stops...freezes up until
cold.......NOT GOOD!

I've driven a 3.89 geared car 12miles with no belt!......stop every 
time it
started pinging.....wait for smoke to die down...drive on....only 
was....balance tube connector hoses were fried...causing big MISS  the 
day..fixed that...drove several thousand miles more....

one Valve guide became so worn it started missing at low rpm...

Matt Nall

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