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Sat Mar 12 19:44:21 EST 2005

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> Moments later, "thunk", clutch is no longer pushing back on my foot. 
I'll bet you've lost all grounds to the body..and the clutch cable was acting 
as one....got hot...caught underdash harness on fire?

You're not alone.....this was a bad day here as well...

The other day I agreed to take pictures of my HighRise air cleaner mod.....so 
I finally cleaned up the engine compartment....today  it's 70 
also.....decided to FINALLY put my Buick Sport wheels and Yoki tires on the 69....all went 
well.....took it outside and washed it....still good....

Decided to take some pics of it.......but needed to move out of the 
sun.....car ran out of fuel as I  moved it......electric FP!!!    Found a nice 
replacement at NAPA  for $29...

It'll probably explode with a NEW part on it...GGGGGGGGGG  I think I'll wait 
a few days to put it on......LOL

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Somewhere between Reno, NV and Coos Bay, Or.

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