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Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 13 19:53:19 EST 2005

> "I'd rather see these parts go to the scrap yard
> than to sell them cheap"

> I ended up telling him to call me after he has sold
> all of the valuable
> parts, and I'd be happy to go through whatever he
> has left to save it from
> the scrap yard.

Hey, you gave him the benefit of the doubt. You
offered him a moneymaking solution he didn't have
before. You were going to eliminate his storage
problem, and a long-term one at that, without
questioning the quality or value of the individual
parts. All he had to invest was a drive to the bank to
deposit the check. Now he has his best possible buyer
pissed at him and a bad rep among other Corvair owners
to boot.

Wait until he hears what the scrap dealer will give
him, and wait until he sees what he'll have to invest
to move it. The scrapper isn't going to come over and
clean his yard for him, and probably wouldn't want
anything that can't be towed or driven off.

Expect that stuff to sit there for another 30 years,
or you'll get a phone call...but I wouldn't wait by
the phone. My dad used to say you can head a horse to
water but you can't make him drink...unless you hit
him in the throat with a pipe. You were nice about it.
You could have called him a lying sack and told him to
go crap in his hat.

Saving our cars for posterity is one thing, but I
can't tell you how many times I turned my back on a
"rare and  cherry" '65 Monza with its rusted-out
floorpan,  windshield channel and doglegs, leaking 110
and powerglide, shot front end, 140,000 miles,
sun-shattered interior and curled-up corners. If I
don't point out that they have the most produced
Corvair ever and the only relation to cherry is the
red rust,  I wish them luck getting their price. It
won't be from me.

Last one I looked at was so "well maintained" that the
oil looked like it just came from the desert.

A final note: since Mr. Trump wants to relate the
value of Corvette and Corvair parts, tell him when he
get his fortune for selling the valuable parts, I will
sell him a nearly-restored "68 Monza for only $25,000.

Chuck Kubin

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