<VV> 65 convertible - opinions

mike hicks mhicks130 at cox.net
Sun Mar 13 22:23:46 EST 2005

I'm in a quandry over a 65 convertible that I am thinking of buying.  It 
supposedly hasn't been run since 1972 (!) - but the engine does turn 
over.  It looks straight and solid but the interior is pretty much gone 
and I would assume the brakes need LOTS of work and I don't know that 
the engine will run.  I took some pictures and posted them to: 
If you have the time, have a look and give me some feedback.  I'm not 
afraid of working on the car - I really just want some opinions on the 
condition of the body and parts.  The carpet's gone so you can see the 
floor and it has what looks to me like surface rust but no rust thru.  
The main rust concern I have is around the windshield.  There's quite a 
bit of it but I couldn't find anywhere it rusted thru.  I took a couple 
pictures under the dash and again I see what looks like surface rust but 
no holes.  There is some black goop smeared up under the dash on the 
driver's side which tells me they had a leak at one time.  If the engine 
was running I'd get it but since that's a big unknown I'd really like to 
make sure the body is good.  The new top wasn't installed and mice ate a 
hole right in the middle.  The top mechanism works great.  The doors 
close easy with my fat butt standing in the middle and the top moves 
with the body when I rock it from one of the fenders.  Thanks in advance 
for any input.


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