<VV> Rare Corvair V6 for sale on Ebay

Ken Wildman k-wildman at onu.edu
Mon Mar 14 19:47:21 EST 2005

At 12:26 PM 3/14/2005, Russ Moorhouse wrote:
>Here's your chance to get one of very rare V6 Corvairs.  Ebay Item# 4534104413
>It makes me wonder if the rest of the car is as bad as the "detailed 
>engine and rebuilt carbs". A new paint job can hide a lot of  flaws.
>I think I will hold out for either another V6 Corvair that needs a paint 
>job or one of the more elusive 4 cylinder Corvairs that so many people 
>have told me they had owned.

If you find a 4 cylinder model make sure they've kept the antifreeze fresh.


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