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UltraMonzaWest at aol.com UltraMonzaWest at aol.com
Wed Mar 16 11:20:52 EST 2005

> flying into Phoenix and driving (in
> ONLY 90 miles) NE through four climate zones, including desert, pine forest,
> high plains and mountains. I saw a place where two distinctly different sets
> of vegetation grew on the sunny and shady sides of the same valley. I saw
> snow a couple miles from rattlers and horny toads. Si
> >
> >Chuck Kubin
How can this be???   Someone recently told us that the drive from PHX to 
Flagstaff  was strewm with only Cactus, Boulders and rattle snakes until they 
entered the city limits???  GGGGG  Maybe they took a wrong turn???

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