<VV> windshield help

Bonnzz at aol.com Bonnzz at aol.com
Wed Mar 16 22:09:42 EST 2005

Hey gang,
I need a little help removing a windshield from a LM. I ruined the glass 
trying to remove the trim from my 66.....had a lot of rust around the bottom. The 
trim removal tool cracked the glass at the bottom driver's side 
horizontally...     after I cut the ribbon I tried to take the glass out and it cracked in 
the middle vertically. I have a good windshield in my 65 parts car that I want 
to use as a replacement........any tips on getting it out without cracking 
it???  Is it a 2 person job??? should I buy some suction cups to hold it???I have 
never had any luck with glass.....Thanks for the help..........               
 Mark Kinnan    Bonnzz at aol.com

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