<VV> windshield help

henry kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Wed Mar 16 23:47:21 EST 2005


Check with your glass shops. MOST ALL won't guarantee that they can remove a 
40+ year old windshield without damage.  They WILL take it out for you. If 
they break/damage it, they probably won't charge you, but it wont help.

While I was working at a Chevrolet Dealer, we had all our warranty 
windshield/backlite work done by 2 different mobile glass shops, both in 
Charlotte, so for those who won't cross the mississippi, it's a medium-large 
metro area.   Both told me they would take the glass out of my Corvairs (for 
me) at no charge, but they would NOT make any promises that they could do it 
without damage.

I used the guitar string/2 person method, and removed 2 windshields and 2 
backlites in about 2 hours, working slowly and carefully, and no damage.

I believe the problem that the glass shops had is they were afraid of going 
to court and paying to replace a windshield that they removed and it broke 
(a 40 year old one)....I would not have done that to them, but how could 
they know for sure??


>> If you're in any medium to large metro area..call a ""mobile auto glass"
>> $30  and they'll pull it in a few minutes..

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