<VV> Snow

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Thu Mar 17 14:28:53 EST 2005

At 08:09 hours 03/16/2005, Paleofish wrote:

>you dig????  sounds like fun.  most of the snow here is gone now
>On Wed, 16 Mar 2005, Patten Del R Civ AFRL Det 8/PKMA wrote:
>>Close...27inches at my house on the otherside of the mountains from ABQ...I
>>spent the day digging out the driveway!!  And it is a long driveway!!  I-40
>>east and west and Rt 66 were closed most of the day and it was touch and go
>>this morning...Corvairs are ok in snow till they high center!!
>>  Del Patten....CNM

Woke up this morning to yet MORE snow, the 4th snowfall this month.   Add 
to this the two snowfalls in Feb.

March is NOT supposed to be like this.   Global warming my ass...  drove 
the Dodge truck to work, seeing as how the "Jap-Jeep" Samurai which usually 
does the bad weather driving duty suddenly developed a disastrous case of 
eaten-up differential carrier bearing and began sounding like a steel drum 
filled with gravel rolling along the floor.    I wasn't sure I was gonna be 
able to limp the Suzuki back from work but it made it, complaining the 
whole way and getting noisier by the minute.   It's gonna need serious 

I patiently await weather that will allow me to see the ground 
again...  ground which won't squish under my feet.

And the Dodge Ram does not get Vair style fuel mileage...  and I will not 
be driving Vairs in this sort of crappy weather, not even my favorite '60 
4-door daily (normally) driver which is sitting out this crap.   I don't 
need to add any more road salt chemicals to its elderly sheet metal.   I'll 
break the '60 back out come spring...  when the snow and ice leaves once 
and for all.   ...if it EVER does.


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