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Let's See,

Last weekend I fired up the Crown V8 car so I could bring the '65 Corsa Convert around to the front shop, adjusted the clutch and replaced the rubbers on the shift linkage on the convert and drove it to lunch.  Washed the '64 convert so I could drive it to the Corvair Roundup meeting on Friday and the MCCA Meeting on Saturday and to watch AeroNed autocross Sunday morning. (Ned is driving a lot better now he has glasses.) Sunday afternoon I sold a Corvair body and all my Kelmark V8 conversion stuff to a MCCA club member for a V8 project.

This Saturday Ned, Gary Moore and I are headed to Cushing, OK for an auction of a couple of Corvairs then on to Wichita Falls, Texas where Gary is going to pick up a parts car, Ned is looking for bumpers, and I am picking up a front clip to provide the parts to fix the "Deer Hunter". Next week "Deer Hunter" will get a new fender, hood and nose. Thursday Jim Dallas and I will head out to Collyer, Kansas to pick up our FC's that have sat in a barn since '78.  Jim is getting a solid Rampside and I am picking up a '61 Greenbrier with 27K miles and the original wide whites on front and for the spare. Part of the original window sticker is still in the window.

I also need to figure out how to spend the $50 gift certificate I won from Lon at the Performance Workshop. And I an locating a master cylinder for the Dave Clemmons front disc brake setup I bought. Oh, I also replaced the boost gauge on the Red Turbo Car, it kept pegging the 15lb gauge.  I am talking with Red Sedman and Steve Goodman about how to make the engine live.

Once school is out I will have time to get really busy on Corvair stuff.

Terry Kalp
> Lots of chit chat about the weather etc. Isn't anyone working on Corvair 
> projects any more? This is not a good sign, especially for the end of 
> winter......
> Lon Wall
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