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Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Thu Mar 17 16:13:57 EST 2005

I just finished doing something that many may consider stupid. About  18 
months ago, I purchased one of these Yellow "Jumper   BatteryUnits"  from - 
probably - Harbor Freight. One of the best features was that it would  drop right 
into the side storage pod on my Avalanche, so I always had a jump  start with me 
if I needed it.  I have used it a number of times, always for  other peoples 
stranded vehicles. About a month ago, I dragged it out to  check it and do a 
re-charge. Oh Oh - Nothing. No response. So I opened it up and  fully checked 
out the battery. It was a lead-acid door stop!  But the rest  of the unit was 
perfect. Hmm. So I went looking for a battery.  The best  price I could find 
locally was $60 (plus tax) for a 18 AH replacement. (This is  to replace a 
battery in an assembly that originally cost about $50) Harbor  Freight has no 
replacement, and a new complete jumper unit is now about $40 from  them. Ouch!  I 
found one at a Web-based merchant "Battery Wholesalers" or  something. $31 plus 
$8 shipping. I just could not bring myself to toss away the  whole thing for 
a bad battery - even if it made economic sense. The new battery  arrived 
yesterday, I installed it and charged it up last night. And it works  just fine. I 
felt it's kind of the "Corvair" thing to do, ya know?
Seth  Emerson
Sethracer at aol.com
C's the day! Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette

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