<VV> Corvair Community

Jim Houston tampatexan at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 17 19:47:28 EST 2005

Earlier today, I mentioned on VV that I was waiting for some exhaust 
donuts to make it to St. Augustine on Saturday,  and 3 people offered to 
provide them if I didn't get them....and I wasn't even asking!!  This is 
just another example of the fine people in the Corvair community.  Bill 
Elliott pointed me toward Corvairs when I was highly disenchanted with 
the Mini people (which has changed a LOT since I had my last Mini in 
1985)...  Thank you Bill for getting me into a great hobby, with fun 
cars and terrific people!!!  (And Thank You , Lon for getting the donuts 
to me quickly!!)

Jim Houston
'65 Monza Coupe
'66 Monza Coupe (Group Red)

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