<VV> RE: Lots of Chit Chat...UltraVan #299

Thomas Stingl tsc01 at corvair.de
Fri Mar 18 16:08:54 EST 2005

> tomorrow.  That new acquisition is UltraVan #299.  
> Hopefully it is running and in excellent shape as 

Well, I sure remember all my rare UV sightings, #299 rings a bell,
it was in nice shape, and had a decent owner, too. But it had to
watch the dismantling of #300 (had been in a road accident), near
Palm Springs at Jim Craigs site, Nov 2001.

BTW, spring and warm weather arrived in southern Germany, too, so both
the Rampside and the wagon got a tour around the city, without any
problems after sitting for 6 weeks, as always ...


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