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Shaun shaun_mcgarvey at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 18 22:31:22 EST 2005

answer at bottom...

> > Awesome!
> > Hey Joe, you know that little lip that hangs down under the front rolled
> > pan? On my super low mile '64 500 coupe w/original red paint that lip
> > painted semi-gloss black. It made that area look much better, and was
> > original, I believe.
> > Keep up up the good work! Will you be in Portland?
> >
> > yea, Vairily ... Shaun
> >
>   Shaun,
>   Is this a Canadian built car?  A few years back I had a '63 Monza sedan
> (Canadian built, late '63 production, original paint car) that had this
> along the bottom rocker panel lip.  I don't recall noticing it on the
> splash pan though.  I figure different factories experimented with such
> trying to find the most aesthetically pleasing look.  Another unrelated
> that the '63 exhibited was it's horns mounted inboard, under the trunk pan
> '64 style.
> Bruce Webster
> '60 569
> '61 727
> '64 927

Yes, it was a Canadian car, a 500 coupe. Come to think of it, the rocker
panel lips were blacked out too. Has anyone with a U.S. car noticed the
blacked-out lips?
My assembly manual shows the horn location being like '64s starting on
7-29-63, so maybe yours was made on or after that day...

yea, Vairily ... Shaun

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