<VV> P's?

henry kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Sat Mar 19 04:45:09 EST 2005

Sorry,but as most are, I'm a victim of my environment. 

After all those years at the parts counter waiting to hear--

P3-(The Winner) I need a XXX  for a 19XX  XXX  Model XXX Engine XXX X WD etc..

Instead I got. 

P1--I got in this car over at my Aunt Nellie's place today to go to the Gun Show, and later we were going to the BBQ place---

P2--And we were in some hell of a traffic mess when we got there----

P4--And it has to be XXX, because I lost my job this week, and I have a wife and kids to think about,  and XXX is the only part on this ve-hicle that I have a warranty for----If you try to sell my a bunch of S--T I don't need, I'm gonna shoot this XXXXX Place up!!!!

Just got in the habit, I guess.......


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