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> .  
>  I have two cylinders stuck in on head.  I tried to
> tap on it with a rubber mallet.  Tried letting it sit
> for a week with penetrating oil soaking in there. 
> Neither want to budge.  Any hints?
>  And the second problem is the valve springs.  I am
> using a valve spring compressor (the big C type) and
> crancked all the way down, I can't get the springs to
> compress at all.

Try tapping on the cylinders to rock them in their bores to loosen them. Also 
try to rotate the cylinders using a large "jar lid" remover sold at household 
type stores.

On the valves, lightly tap on the spring retainers with a hammer with the 
spring compressor applying pressure. This will break them free.
Bob Helt

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