<VV> EM Shiter

Geoffrey A Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Sat Mar 19 20:02:57 EST 2005

I started trying to get the shifter figured out in my 63 Vert today.  It 
will shift all gears just fine, but surprise surprise no reverse.  The 
tranny is ok, did shift just fine with a screwdriver in transmission 
shaft.   So I 
started trying to remove slop from the system.  Welded up the worn holes 
and re-drilled them on the shift fork.  Anyway I realized this appears to 
have  a late shifter in it.  It has a tube with shifter shaft inside of it 
rather then what the other EMs I looked at have.  Is this possible?  That 
someone in the past got creative?  Or am I missing something?  Will 
reverse eventually work?  I have a late brass bushing kit I am putting in 
shifter tube while it is out. 
Geoff Johnson
63 Vert

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