<VV> Now the door works, but it won't work!

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Mon Mar 21 19:36:26 EST 2005

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At 01:17 PM 3/21/2005, Dave Ziegler wrote:
>Who is the someone?? Dave Palmer? If so, how to contact?
>On Mar 20, 2005, at 6:53 PM, Larry Forman wrote:
>>At 12:14 AM 3/21/2005 +0000, Doug Mackintosh wrote:
>>>I just fixed the broken inner door handle mechanism
>>>(the pivot, which had a broken spring) on my '62
>>>driver.  Before I fixed it, the key locked the door
>>>fine, but the handle would not return since the spring
>>>was broken.  Now it springs back fine, but when I lock
>>>it, it doesn't lock.  The key works fine, but I can
>>>still open with the outside handle.  Any ideas?
>>>-- Doug Mackintosh
>>Hi Doug,
>>If it is anything like my Greenbrier, the little spring that rotates the 
>>rotating catch gear on the door is broken and not allowing the rotation 
>>to go back home.  Open the door and while lifting up on the inside door 
>>handle, try to rotate the latch back to home position.  If it rotates 
>>back and THEN the door locks properly, then that is your problem.  On my 
>>Greenbrier, it might work fine for a day, week, or many months, but then 
>>it might decide to not return home and not latch properly.  For the FCs, 
>>there is someone who has a stronger and better spring and will rebuild 
>>these.  The problem is that often the old replacement parts might be 
>>broken also or break shortly when returned to service.
>>-- Larry
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