<VV> Quick-Release Oil Hoses?

Greenbrier Goon greenbriergoon at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 21 22:53:10 EST 2005

Thanks to those who offered advice.
I think I like Seths recommendation for now.  Run the oil hoses through a spare fan belt.  I will try this first to make sure that my new oil cooler setup will actually work.
The cooler is mounted where the old ATF cooler once was.  I made some brackets that attach to two of the battery door bolts.  No holes had to be drilled.
One source of high temps may have been the sound deadening material in the left air intake that had come loose and blocked several of the air holes.  This has also been fixed.
As for eliminating the stock cooler  and only using a remote, I don't like that idea.  I think cooling is good even when the engine is idling.

Sethracer at aol.com wrote:

In a message dated 3/20/2005 10:50:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
greenbriergoon at yahoo.com writes:

Hey everyone:

Now that the 4 speed conversion and the back-up light situation is solved, I 
am attempting to put a remote oil cooler on my FC.

I was wondering if such a thing exists as quick release fittings for oil 
hoses. Something similar to the air hose for an air tool, but it would seal off 
and prevent oil from pouring out when disconnected.

The oil lines are coming off where the oil filter is and I would not want to 
have to pull off hoses and spill oil all over to change the belt. I would 
rather not try to route the hosed under the belt.


Yes, Charlie there are several new design "Dry break" hoses available. But 
they are expensive and you have to size them appropriately for the flow you 
need. For a Vair Oil cooler/filter line, you should have a fairly large one. (-8 
or -10) 
I have another suggestion for you, though. When I installed a similar set-up 
(a Crown filter adapter to feed the cooler from the filter flange) I just 
slid a spare belt over the hoses when I was installing them, coiled the belt up 
and wire-tied it in place next to the cooler, near the electrical regulator - 
upper left of the compartment. (I'm not sure where your cooler is.) 
Inevitably, about a year later, I shredded a belt on the way to school - This was a 
while ago - I just cut off the old belt, removed the wire-tie and slid the 
new belt into place. At my convenience (at home, later) I added a new spare 
belt. Cheap and effective!

- Seth Emerson
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