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Tue Mar 22 12:23:23 EST 2005

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I  am looking at a corvair that has very little body rust except for the  
upper dash  inside(near the windshield) no rust showing on the  outside 
metal around windshield. I removed the chrome on outside of  windshield and 
underneath the chrome , it was full of sand. I removed the  sand and  the 
metal seems still to be sound.
My  questions:
how is the dash metal structure attached?
Is  this rust problem a major concern?
Can the dash be removed and  replaced easily? 

The proper method for doing this is to remove the windshield and the dash  
pad - if equipped pull back any wiring, remove the instrument panel and then fix 
 the rusted material. I did my convertible using the full Clarks patch panel 
-  Mine was rusted at the windshield on both sides. Everything is welded 
together  as a unit (except the pad and instrument panels.) and the welds are 
subject  to rust. You may have to add metal to regain the soundness of the dash 
panel.  - Seth Emerson

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