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Harry's  rules for teenage drivers:

1. Keep the Corvair some place they cannot  drive it! Make sure any other 
car you care about isn't able to be driven  by very young drivers, ie, my 
Fiero was stick shift as is my  Miata.

2. Pay for their insurance based upon their averages in school.  A average 
get's their insurance paid for by dad. B average gets 50% of  their 
insurance cost paid by dad. C average gets no help from dad. D or  below, no 
driving of dad's cars.

One of my kids was an  underachiever. He did not drive until close to his 
18th birthday when he  finally brought up his grades to my thresholds. He 
was in two accidents  with his friends driving, because he did not have 
driving privileges with  our family. He was not hurt in the accidents, but 
had the 'stuffing'  scared out of him. Perfect.

This is what I sent -
It won't be popular with your daughter but here is my suggestion - For the  
first six months of her driving - Remove the radio/Cdplayer/Casette from the 
car  - Or disable it so well that she cannot bypass it. This is serious stuff. 
New  drivers are Way too easily distracted. The second suggestion may be a law 
in  your state, I don't know. She should not be allowed to drive her friends  
around without you or your wife on board. Until they have some - Say six 
months  - of driving, they will turn their head to speak to a friend. It is a  
natural courtesy - and deadly for safe driving.  I speak from experience  with two 
daughters - both now well into their twenties. Ignore this advice at  your 
peril - and your daughter's. You should all live through it!

Seth  Emerson
Sethracer at aol.com
C's the day! Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette

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