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The tires and wheels are more valuable if kept together. They are probably
more valuable if the wheels are black; less valuable (narrower market) if
they are a body color. The tires/wheels clearly have no value to you, except
that the wheels are usable with new tires, and clearly they are in NO WAY
suitable for ANY driving.
     But they do have show value. I'd put them up for sale for a year or so
to see if someone wants them a lot for show purposes. Now, what do you do to
DRIVE over the next year? Here's what I'd suggest: good-driving 13-inch
tires are getting hard to find. This is your perfect opportunity to switch
to 14-inch rims (Datsun and others I've heard of). Get 14-inch rims from
some junkyard and put new tires on that. In my experience, you'll be better
off driving on those. And those 13 can (eventually) end up in the hands of
someone who has a proper use for them. When you sell them, take the trouble
to emphasize to the buyer that they are NOT fit to be driven on. Some people
might not realize that.

Joe Potts
Miami, Florida USA
1966 Corsa coupe 140hp 4-speed with A/C

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A friend of mine, Mike Puglisi, just revived the engine of his 1961 a
few weeks ago and he is working to get the 6,000 mile car back on the
road.  He has a dilemma with the tires.  He has four original factory
tires on the almost new-looking rims.  He knows he will not drive on
these, but he is wondering how important is for him to save the original

He plans on weekend driving the car - a bare bones model that his
grandmother bought new in 1961.  She was annoyed that she had to pay for
the gas heater that came in the car.  She would have preferred heater
delete according to Mike.  Very nice original car.

Does it make sense for him to get a used set of rims for the new tires
he will buy so as to not disturb the factory tires.  I guess he could
use them in shows, etc.  The guys around here say just dump them.  Any

Darrin Hartzler
66 yellow

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