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> The Aluminum company's complex at Messina NY was where the aluminum was 
> smelted, and the casting was done in their plant a short number of miles away. 
> As Tony mentioned, there were insulated vats on rail cars to take the aluminum 
> in molten form from the smelter to the plant where the casting was done, a 
> special line made just for this purpose.  
> As Tonawanda is "as the crow flies" over 350 miles from Messina, 

I know very little about the NY cities, but I was told that the aluminum 
smelting company (Reynolds) was located near the Niagra Falls power plant because 
of the electrical power available there. Now since Messina isn't on the Rand 
and McNally map atlas I have I can't locate that city. But isn't is true that 
the smelting plant was near Niagra (i.e., Buffalo)?

I did find Tonawanda which is a suburb of Buffalo, so It really looks like 
the distance between the smelter and the casting plant at Tonawanda was 50 miles 
or less, and not 350 miles as you indicate. 
Please  correct me if this is in error.

Bob Helt

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