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The UK  didn't stop either.   Several years later, JZD was in 
court  again over the cash incentive he'd been "given" by the UK and a judge  
ordered him to pay back over 50 million bucks of it, money he didn't  
have... so the government took what he did have, assets, property,  
accounts, the works... even his home.

DeLorean was pissed following  the trial's settlement which left him broke, 
and in arrears with many  creditors... in short, it pretty much wrecked his 
life and resulted in  bankruptcy, another broken marriage, loss of assets, 
and no  job.   The additional harassment by the FBI was just icing on the  
cake.   It also killed any hopes of his plans to start another  car company 
and get back into building unique sports cars  again.

I guess the UK government forgot to check Colin Chapman's house for the $50  
Mill. They might have found much of it there. At least the money wasn't spent 
on  Formula One! there were lots of rumors! He was lucky to die at the right 
time!  -Seth 

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