<VV> EM Shifter Revisited

Geoffrey A. Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Wed Mar 23 18:56:00 EST 2005

Thanks to those that responded to my shifter question.  This is on my 63 
Convert 4 speed.  I put brass bushings in and everyting on the late shift 
tube.  Almost all slop in the linkage is gone.  Finally I could feel the 
good ol detent and push up into reverse.  Let up on the clutch and nothing. 
I disconencted the linkage and manually pushed into what should be reverse 
at the transmission.  Still nothing.  I had initially gotten it to go into 
reverse by doing this when I first got the car running, but wont do it now. 
Also sometimes at stoplights when shifting into first it will "lock"  and 
it feels as if it has shifted into first and reverse.  Let up un the clutch 
and the engine will load up and stall.  Does this sound like the problem 
where the early trannies can lose whatever pin for reverse?  Is this 
readily fixable?  I have other trannies so it is not a big deal.  Just 
wondering if I should do something with this tranny or swap in another.

Geoff Johnson
Parking on hills for now
63 Vert
63 Coupe

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